Monday, November 26, 2012

Depressing... the only possible word to describe the London of today, as revealed by the newspapers I was reading as I journeyed on various errands. Major news and features (I am not making any of these up) were: a bright cheery feature in The Times about how best to make use of the new technologies involving destruction of human embryos (should a woman routinely freeze some eggs for future use???etc...), a two-page celebration, in the Evening Standard, of how popular homosexual activity is among smart young financiers in the City, and news of how top officials in the Church of England are planning to find new ways to impose women bishops now that the laity have voted against them.


Katie said...

All the more reason to be grateful to bloggers like AJ who keep us in touch with a saner world.

Uncle Blobb said...

Dear Auntie, I've long admired your courage and resolve. I'm sure it was less depressing because you were there!

Manny said...

It's just as depressing in the New York City of today. We have entered a dark age.