Tuesday, October 16, 2007


A very happy 21st birthday celebration and book launch at St Etheldreda's Ely Place. A birthday, because it is 21 years since my "Book of Feasts and Seasons" was first published by GRACEWING, and a book launch, because my brand-new "Yearbook of Seasons and Celebrations" made its public appearance....the crypt at this magnificent gem of a Medieval church was twinkling with hundreds of candles, wine and snacks were served, and small niece E. helped me to cut a celebration cake. Tom Longford of Gracewing made a hearty speech and said all sorts of kind things. Lots and lots of friends came, and it was a lovely, lovely evening. Many thanks to Fr Kit Cunningham for welcoming us to this party - 21 years ago there was a launch at St E's for that first book, and over the intervening years I have been in the crypt for many wonderful evenings with the Catholic Writers' Guild (a plaque in this crypt now marks the association with the Guild).
This was an evening to hold in the memory, full of happiness and friends and talk and laughter.


Rich Leonardi said...

Congratulations, Joanna. It's a beautiful church; my wife and I visited two years ago and she, especially, was captivated by the place.

Anonymous said...

Well done You! Sounds like a great party for a special anniversary. So, I se my signed, 1986, first edition version must be kept carefully from now on!

You're an inspiration Joanna, all that energy and verve rubs off you know. I read your posts in the morning and there's always a sense of purpose and vitality to take with me on the way to my day!