Wednesday, October 17, 2007

Auntie in a rush, in the rain... Oxford, to address the Newman Society, because a planned speaker had to drop out at the last minute due to a family illness. I caught the Oxford Tube from Victoria (note to US readers: it's a bus, that's just its name) and through a most magnificent rainstorm it battled its way to Oxford. The city looked glorious in the rain, glittering pavements and golden leaves and glowing windows. I knew I'd be given sherry and dinner so relished a rain-soaked walk to the meadow by the river, through the war memorial garden which is just opposite the Old Palace. Then dinner (candlelit, with delicious food) and the talk - which was about the work of Aid to the Church in Need. Members of the Newman Society are formal and wear a special tie. It made me feel quite bohemian in my denim skirt. Everyone v. kind...and then the return bus - I couldn't stay the night, as I was due to make an early start in London the next morning for a day of TV work.

Home extremely late, and with rain still clattering down as I hurried in the the kitchen door and shook off my wet things.


Anonymous said...

TV work, Joanna? How can you make a pact with the devil you so readily deplore? Money, I suppose. People like you and the Pope of Black Fen amaze many of us by consenting to appear on a medium you claim to renounce and urge others to resist.

Anonymous said...

The problem isn't so much T.V. as it is what is on and of course not watching it continuously. A lot of people cannot get out and enjoy tele, but need better programs to watch. Perhaps Auntie given her views and recent tele appearances would like to expound on that.