Thursday, October 25, 2007

Catholic TV, fish pie, and fun.... EWTN, the international Catholic TV station based in Alabama. I am having a busy and very happy time, making a series of programmes which, among other things, involves me doing a lot of cookery...they were amused by the Britishness of my recipe for fish pie (fish with shrimp and cheese sauce, topped by mashed potato, since you ask). Terrifically interesting conversations, as there are people coming and going with many insights on different aspects of the Church and the world...did a chat-show with Fr Mitch Pacwa and will be doing an intervew re my new book etc etc...gosh I do enjoy America and the breakfasts with scrambled egg and good coffee after a very early morning Mass with glorious singing...the TV series on which I have been working will be broadcast in the Spring. Producer is Deb Piroch, who is talented and fun and is also very kind and helpful in every way. It really is a delight to be working here...


Anonymous said...

So glad you are enjoying America. I enjoy your blog from time to time and wish we could meet, but I am clear in the center of the US in the Midwest-you would like it very much.
Saw you on EWTN LIVE and you did a wonderful job! Very interesting.
Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Missed you on EWTN Live Wednesday, Joanna, but my wife saw you. I had to work. I'll watch it when it runs again on Saturday night.

Virginia Phillips said...

I'm so glad you're enjoying it there Joanna.Saw you on Father Mitch - you were terrific. And entertaining - even on the very serious subject of abortion.

You must have given the American audience a much clearer picture of life (or, sadly, death) in Britain,and maybe that served as a warning to them about how not to go on, and who not to vote for next time.

On a lighter note: I was so sorry Father Mitch was allergic to strawberries and, therefore, your"cookies"! You dealt with it really well though (i.e. you'd eat them later!). It was very funny!

Can't believe you're still writing here but grateful that you are (post-cards from an Auntie!). Thank you for thinking of us.

God bless you.

Love, Virginia