Sunday, October 28, 2007

In the rain... the Sacred Heart Church in Wimbledon, where they have a useful 8pm Mass on Sundays, a boon for anyone who has been travelling or had a complicated day. Exhiliaration, cycling through sheets of soaking rain and then entering into the warm, gently candlelit church. I usually hand out leaflets in this parish each Autumn to advertise the Towards Advent Festival at Westminster Cathedral Hall, but the trip to America prevented that this year, so I will do it on All Saints Day, when they have two evening Masses. Cheery conversation with fellow-cyclist by the church's bike-rack, as we prepared for a soaking ride home. A cosy feel as I came into our kitchen and now I'm going to have a mug of tea with my dear J.


Mary said...

Have a great evening. I look forward to your series on EWTN and follow your cycling excursions around England with interest.

Anonymous said... come you don't catch your death in all that rain? You must have a strong constitution! Glad to have you back..

Anonymous said...

Hey Joanna..can you put something on the Bella movie, its doing pretty well in the USA, but we want you Brits to watch over it there!

Mags said...

Hi Joanna.
Welcome back. Look forward to watching your series on EWTN.

I love reading your blog....Can't understand your liking for rain

Anonymous said...

I'm amazed you went to a Jesuit church!