Friday, August 17, 2007

Time for action...

...not just complaining. Have you written to Rome yet about the disgraceful nonense produced by "Caritas Social Concern", an agency of our Bishops' Conference? Scroll down through this blog to get information.

A young friend alerted me to the needs of Christians in Iraq and there is useful information on this at this blog. A donation to Aid to the Church in Need (1 Tiomes Square, Sutton, Surrey SM1) wouldn't go amiss either - they are currently trying to help Christians there.

The Christian Institute website has a lot of useful material on parents rights and talks a lot of common sense. There is a worrying possibility of a new law which would criminalise good parents - go on, look it up, and write to your MP. Look up their new YouTube on religious freedom, too.

Until the Daily Telegraph made me think about it, I hadn't honestly given any thought at all to the plight of our soldiers in Afghanistan. They are doing a desperately difficult job, in vile heat and in the knowledge that few people at home care at all about it. Over 80 per cent of the heroin that our drug addicts use in Britain currently comes from Afghanistan: there is a pious hope that at some stage a sane government there might help to stamp out this nasty trade and in theory our Army is there to help bring forward that day...meanwhile the drug culture here continues to create the demand which Afghanis and others will naturally supply...what a mess. Our soldiers' bravery deserves your thanks and mine: it hadn't even occurred to me to think of them in my prayers. What about you? The Telegraph is urging the soldiers' valour to be marked with a proper campaign medal - before you sneer that this is an irrelevance, find out what soldiers think about it. One died the other day, heroically refusing morphine because he wanted to be alert to help get his men to safety.


Anonymous said...

The problem is I cannot very well complain about the wretched book before I have read it, and I've been told off by my sister for reading too much philosophy and not enough fucntion. I'm working through Jilly Coopers' Wicked at the moment.

Anonymous said...

I love this blog and hope you dont mind if I add you to my own which I share with Ginny.

Thanking you in advance.

Peace & blessings


Anonymous said...

In NZ it was called the "anti smacking bill". Huge public debate, massive opposition but here you go, check this out:

(cut and paste into your browser)

It does nothing to prevent the real child abuse we have seen here this year. Do the words "nanny state" start to take on a realistiic meaning?