Thursday, August 16, 2007

Demonstration by young people the Chinese Embassy in London. Well done.


Anonymous said...

wonderfully inspiring!

On the side of the angels said...

Wish I'd been there. Truly

Anonymous said...

These are good, generous young people and praise God for them. But every time I walk down Portland Place I see different demonstrations against injustices in China. It is one of the cruelest, unjust, repressive regimes in the world and has no respect for life at all, not a scrap. In many ways demonstrations are futile because they exercise no influence on the Chinese government. But it is essential to continue them for whatever cause if only to bring publicity to the iniquities of the present wretched regime. Potentially, China is one of the richest and most dangerous countries in the world and made more so with the recent trade links with India.

Anonymous said...

What I find odd is that when the Russians invaded Afghanistan many countries banned athletes from going to the Russian Olympics.

What is the difference? China has a dreadful record where human rights are concerned, so where is the outrage? Or is money more important than Principles? Seems so!

Good post

Peace & Blessings


Anonymous said...

sad to see that in the UK that is all you often get in terms of numbers for pro-life initiatives, here in the USA you often get far greater numbers...The spiritual health of the UK is a great worry to people in the US, what is happening to the UK??????????????????????????