Tuesday, August 14, 2007

In response...

...to comments to this Blog about the state of the Church in Britain, following the discovery of the horrible attack on the Holy Father's encyclical by an agency of our Bishops' Conference ...

It's crucial to take the right action about this.

First, don't make silly comments about there being no decent priests in Britain: that's rubbish. I know a number of superb, dedicated and rather holy priests, and of these there are several who would make excellent bishops. They are (in no particular order of importance) intelligent, capable, prayerful, well-read, fluent in two or three languages, knowledgeable about the Church and the world, close to Christ, warm-hearted, and lead good lives. From these men could come the bishops of the future. Why not pray about this?

Second: write to the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith in Rome about the appalling booklet produced by "Caritas Social Concern". (The CDF's address: Piazza d. S. Uffizio 11, Rome 00193 Italy. Put on two normal second-class stamps and the letter will get there. Do it today).

Three: your own Bishop needs to know about this Write to him. Be respectful of his office, and fair, and thank him for the fact that he is dedicating his life in service to God and the Church. He probably doesn't know anything about the rubbish being produced by "Caritas Social Concern" in his name. You are there to inform him and to ask his help and getting something done. Bear in mind that "Caritas" will probably try to suggest that anyone who writes is ill-informed, bigoted, uncaring about the plight of the poor, or lying. Ensure that your letter conveys the fact that you are none of these.

Four: If/when you get any replies, inform me or other Catholic bloggers about them, so that we can get a proper action going about this.

Five: DON'T just say "oh, isn't it terrible...nothing we can do...state of the Church...oh, I remember when...so different today...dreadful...guitars...can't abide..." and then do none of the things I have suggested.


Anonymous said...

How to ensure that the letter reaches the Bishop though? One way might be to place a letter in a card attached to a bottle of Ch√Ęteauneuf du Pape...

Anonymous said...

Sound advice, but be prepared to receive a reply couched in the following terms. 'Thank you for your letter, the contents of which I have noted.'

JARay said...

I listed at least five concerns which have caused many Catholics deep concern:
1) "The Gift of Scripture"
2) The celebrations of 25 years togetherness of Julian Filochowski and Martin Prendergast and the involvement of two Bishops in that
3) The 99 names of Allah
4) The use of Westminster Cathedral in a TV production about ElizabethI
5) This book from Caritas.
I listed what I found offensive about these items and I sent the letter to the Pope.


Anonymous said...

I don't know to what John is referring in point 1 'The Gift of Scripture'. Sorry!