Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Action... has been busy. Yesterday a young relative arrived to stay overnight, so as to be in London early today for a human-rights demonstration outside the Chinese Embassy. (I hope they get some publicity - if you see anything, send info to this Blog).

The post brings the excellent new catalogue from Family Publications - as always, so many books I'd love to get. Some while back, a correspondent to this Blog asked for information on any good material teaching children the Catholic Faith. The Faith and Life Series, available from Family Publications, looks very good indeed.

Also info in the post about the conference to be held by the Society for the Protection of Unborn Children on Sept 7th-9th at Leeds - speakers include Nicole Parker of Central London Fertility Care , and Sister Roseann Reddy of the Sisters of the Gospel of Life, who runs Cardinal Winning's Pro Life Initiative.

It's the feast of the Assumption - a proper Holy Day, not moved to merge into the nearest Sunday, hurrah! - and I'm off to evening Mass in Wimbledon, dropping in to some friends afterwards to give them some of my freshly-made blackberry jam. Did you know that the proper tradition for the feast of the Assumption is to go bathing or paddling? There's said to be "a blessing in the water" on this day. In some places, there is a ceremony of blessing the sea, and throwing a wreath of flowers into it...if you read this week's CATHOLIC TIMES, you'd be able to find out all about this, and other Assumption traditions, in my column...

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Anonymous said...

My mother, who would be 109 this year if she were still on earth called it Salt Water Day, and the proper observance after Mass was to spend the day by the seaside, and at least wade in the water.
I personally think that on the Assumption and the Ascension eating something that has wings, (duck, chicken, turkey, poultry) is appropriate.