Thursday, January 01, 2015

We began 2015...

....with a family gathering on New Year's Eve: a house full of cheery noise and children, and an evening with  fireworks and marshamallows and flapjack and party hats and streamers,  The fireworks were splendid,, the rockets whoosing up into the sky to our oooohs and aaaahs, and applause muffled by woollen gloves and mittens.

There is absolutey nothing lovelier than sitting sipping a gin-and-tonic in a room full of family, by the light of a glittering Christmas Tree. Heaven will be a bit like that.

We stayed the night in Dorchester on Thames, where the bells of the Abbey were ringing  out the old year and ringing in the new, the bells answering each other back and forth with glorious pealing beauty. This morning I wandered around the Abbey - over a thousand and a half years of history.

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Elizabeth said...

Happy New Year Auntie Joanna, thanks for all the glimpses of some positive things happening in the Church in England. As an expat it does my heart good to read about them.
Greetings from Canada