Monday, January 19, 2015

AAARGH!!! SPAM!!! which I mean not the pink squares of meat that we used to have fried in batter as Spam Fritters, but that sort of junk email that begins "Dear Friend, I am In Need of Help and Kno That you will be of Good Kindness" and asks for your bank account details.

But I discovered today, following an anguished phone call from a work colleague "Why haven't you answered my emails?" that a number of emails from friends and colleagues have, over the past three to four  weeks, gone into the SPAM folder on my laptop. AAAAARGH!!!

I have now tackled all the emails - not without embarrassment and difficulty - but the Comments sent to this blog have proved impossible to recover. One can't post them once they have been deemed to be Spam. Alas...

While I was tackling this, a colleague had to deal with the horrible mess resulting from his email having been hacked...

And we both agreed that the whole Internet thing is, at best, a very very mixed blessing.

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