Friday, January 30, 2015

Today's press...

...brings a lot of comment about planned legislation to make it easier for women to allege rape.  Apparently there is a plan to make it legally neccessary  obtain evidence of full consent before sexual activity commences. There are all sorts of obvious flaws to this scheme, and all sorts commentators are pointing these out.  But one commentator today starts her  full-page analysis in the Daily Mail with the chatty statement that "We've all done it..." referring to meeting some one casually  - perhaps sharing a taxi and getting chatting, or whatever - and then engaging in sexual activity. Apparently we are meant to assume that it's an absolutely normal thing to do and that afterwards, one has a bath and perhaps a bit of a weep with a girlfriend while chatting it over, and that's that.  Uh???  Does she really, honestly think that's how most women behave?  Or are we all meant to pretend that we do?

What a very odd country we now inhabit.

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Anonymous said...

That article reminds me of Sex and The City...not sure you have that in England...but it was a horrible, horrible show (written and produced by gay men) that portrayed women as hopping in and out of bed with any man they happened to be with and then discussing, in vulgar detail, their escapades over scrambled eggs and coffee at the local diner all while wearing the latest designer fashions and obscenely expensive shoes.