Thursday, January 01, 2015


... London writer Michael Smith has produced a really good and thoughtful book on the Lord's Prayer. The Fulness of Life: Reflections on the Lord's Prayer for Today's World (St Paul's).  It is a rich and beautiful meditation on the prayer, and is also readable and spiced with some strong insights that are highly relevant to the modern world and the ways in which we can serve God and one another.

It's a book written with real honesty: it tackles tough issues like sin, forgiveness, the need for personal repentance, the greatness of God's love and the joy in seeking and following his will for us.  And it is not just a personal statement, although it includes some personal insights that give a freshness and humility to the writring. But he also quotes from, among others, St Paul,  John Henry Newman, Charles Wesley, Billy Graham, and Benedict XVI,..I very much recommend this book and reading it has been a really good start for 2015.

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