Sunday, October 12, 2008

The London trees...

...are turning golden and russet-brown and we are in St Luke's "little summer" with a sudden glow of warm weather as we approach his Feast Day. Yesterday, the annual Rosary Crusade took place in London. More than a thousand people processing from Westminster Cathedral to Brompton's perhaps not as large as it was when we used to go to Hyde Park back in the early 1980s, but it is still a grand day, and the Oratory was packed for the final prayers and a magnificent Benediction. I was among several who were kneeling on the floor, and the side-chapels were full as well. Many of us stayed on for evening Mass, at which there was glorious music provided by the Chamber Choir of the London Oratory School. This is one of several choirs at the school, and it was an impressive sight to see the pupils in their smart uniforms making their way up to the choir-loft with confidence.

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Stella said...

I was there on Saturday and it was so lovely to pray the Rosary while walking through the London streets with many people watching and taking photos, lets hope we inspired them to ask about the Rosary and then we had Benediction in that beautiful church, The Brompton Oratory.
I live in Hampshire and this is my second time at the Procession.
I never knew it happened in the