Wednesday, October 22, 2008

A fascinating conference... the Institute for Economic Affairs in London, exploring the links between taxation, welfare, and families. An impressive speaker was Philip Booth - look out for his forthcoming feature in the Catholic Times newspaper. There is a growing recognition that Catholic social teaching is not about making more and more demands for Government action and expenditure on welfare schemes. The centrality of the family unit, based on marriage, the negative effect of current taxation policies, which favour the break-up of families as benefits go to single-parents, the increasingly uncomfortable pressure being placed on Catholic projects which receive public funds, all got due discussion and analysis. Naturally the current difficulties faced by the Catholic adoption agencies was at the forefront of people's minds. Other issues tackled included those connected with the natural environment, use of resources, the debate over climate...Discussion was lively, interesting, challenging. A useful day.

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Mike Walsh, MM said...


Good post, especially the observation about Catholic social teaching. Would that more Catholic "social activists" undestood this. And thanks for the IEA link.