Sunday, October 12, 2008

I spent virtually the whole of Sunday... Brompton Oratory! The Fathers v. kindly allowed me to give out leaflets about the Festival of Catholic Culture (Nov 8th, Westmin. Cathedral Hall - be there!) at all Masses. It was a wonderful place to spend Sunday morning. I arrived as the 9am Mass was about halfway is well attended, the 10 am Mass more so - with many young families, and singing from the excellent Children's Choir - and then of course there is the famous 11 am Mass with the most glorious music from the most magnificent choir and the church absolutely full, again several families with children. Then there is a 12.30 Mass, where I just arrived for the end...yes, extremely well attended again.

After the 11 am Mass, at which I met many friends, it was fun talking in the Autumn sunshine while children frolicked about. In the afternoon I whizzed back to the suburbs and Mother and I went out for a lovely walk, and Tea at our favourite shop. A friend was taking care of the 4.30pm Mass for me. Off to the Oratory again for the 7pm Mass. Did you know there was a 7pm Mass at Brompton Oratory? V. handy to know - and yes, it's full, this time lots of young people, the girls all denim jeans and swinging hair...made me feel v. middle-aged.

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Jackie Parkes said...

Well I know that feeling! We have Sr Roseann Reddy at our bookclub today Joanna. Hope it will be as successful as yours was!