Friday, October 02, 2015

Why are we male and female?.

...and does it have any significance?

There will be a course on St John Paul's Theology of the Body in  London January, led by Christopher West. More info here...

We badly - almost desperately - need this wisdom. There is a sort of insanity going around on this subject...all part of the cult-like obsession that seeks the end of all that we have ever known and honoured.

There are weird and tragic things happening concerning boys and girls.  A case recently emerged at a school: a troubled boy announced that he wanted to be a girl, and his parents, instead of getting him help, assented to this and will be getting him drugs and in due course arranging to have him mutilated. And this is all being celebrated at the school - the boy addressed a school assembly and talked about why he wanted to be a girl...and everyone was expected to applaud...

No one dares to intervene in such cases: to speak up in defence of the child is to court formal denunciation. We are all meant to accept the orthoodoxy of the new cult.

But in the future people will be scornful of our silence. It is likely that there will be much legal wrangling as people seek to justify themselves:  "Everyone accepted was impossible to speak out...if you voiced opposition you lost your job and your good name..." etc.

Bdetter to be a voice of sanity now. If neccessary alone - but in fact there are others who will be brave too. A good start would be to join the group at St Patrick's....

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