Friday, October 09, 2015

Blessed John Henry Newman... honoured was on the night of Oct 8th/9th that he came into full communion with the Catholic Church, after years of work and ministry in the Church of England and with years ahead of him for greater, more effective, and more profound evangelisation of souls.

 This evening, I met a friend in church - she is one of the heroic team on the cleaning-rota and was busy dusting and brushing at the John Henry Newman shrine to the left of the main sanctuary here. We had one of those whispering-because-we-are-in-church-but-there-are-a-couple-of-things-I-wanted-to-discuss conversations that often turn out to be deeper and more useful than many at a formal meeting.  The LOGS ladies met earlier this week, and meet again tomorrow, when we are off to Birmingham to spend time with the Sisters of the Blessed Virgin Mary.  When we planned the pilgrimage, we simply picked a day that suited most of us and suited the Sisters...but it turns out to be in the week of Bl John Henry's feast day. God's timing, not ours...

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