Saturday, October 17, 2015

To the John Fisher School... Purley, to talk to the FAITH Club on the subject of St John Paul the Great. A very good attendance, and an excellent atmosphere. We began with prayers led by one of the boys, who then took the chair and introduced me. The school chaplain, Fr James Clark (a former pupil of the school)  was present,  along with  Deacon Tony Flavin.   We were also joined by another former pupil, Father Mark Higgins, who was ordained this summer and is now working in a local parish.  This is a school which has a magnificent tradition of service to the Church in many fields, and the FAITH Club is a major part of this. The driving force is the splendid Mr Daniel Cooper.

 I enjoyed talking to the FAITH Club,  and the boys showed great interest in the life and message of St John Paul. At the end of the meeting the chairman - who is Polish - led the final prayers in his own langauge, a touching moment.

By long tradition, the boys enjoy stacks of buttered toast after the meeting ends, and there is a general social time, a game  or two of snooker, general talk and laughter...

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Tony Flavin said...

I shall make sure the chairman see this, he will love it