Monday, October 26, 2015

A lot of weird spin...

...about the Synod in Rome, with one major Sunday newspaper in Britain telling the exact opposite of what actually happened, and announcing that "the Vatican" had made new regulations for admitting divorced people in new unions to Holy Communion. Uh?  The true story can be found here

At least the press has been accurate however in reporting the Synod's description of homosexual unions as not even remotely analagous to marriage.

Useful overview of the Synod's final report and media here and a good report from a Cardinal actually involved and present is here

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Malcolm said...

Their participation can express itself in various ecclesial services: so the Church must discern which of the various forms of exclusion practiced in liturgical, pastoral, educational and institutional life might be overcome. Not only should they not consider themselves excommunicated,

it seems pretty vague to me. If not admitted to communion, you are excommunicated, surely? Probably what they mean is that exclusion from communion shouldn't mean exclusion from Church life. Obviously, with the situation as it is, if divorced and remarried people take the decision to persist in attending Mass, that is unusual, extremely positive, and we must find ways of working with their personal problems in an understanding, realistic, and non-judgemental way. However unless you acknowledge the existence of the previous marriage in some way, it's tantamount to saying that it didn't matter. I don't think there is an easy answer to that one.