Friday, August 24, 2012

The Fatima-conspiracy-campaigners...

...the ones who seem to believe that the Holy Father is a liar and  that theresagiganticplot run by, oh, the Freemasons and people who go to World Youth Day and so on, have a very emphatic presence on the Internet, disproportionate to the value  and veracity of what they are actually saying. Attempting to get some information about aspects of the Fatima apparitions, I found a lot of ranting and a sort of desperation, as if by saying repeatedly that sisterluciareallymeanttosaywhatwewanthertohavesaid  they can convince themselves and others. Oh, and they really, really didn't like Blessed John Paul being beatified.

However, there is some sanity and truth: this website is accurate and useful. It is worrying to realise that a lot of people are going to be confused by the conspiracy-committees.

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Teresa Grodi said...

Hello, Joanna!! I hope you are going well! I just read an article about this and it seems that the controversy over the Third Secret really hurt Sr. Lucia. I agree that the controversy is so sad and really detracts from Our Lady's messages at Fatima. God bless you, Joanna!! PLEASE come visit us in Ohio again!! :)