Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Catholic Truth...

...has been fostered, celebrated and taught by the Catholic Truth Society  with great energy and dedication  since the Catholic revival in the mid-19th century. The CTS has for the past decade or more been based at Vauxhall, part of a big Catholic presence there which also includes St Anne's church and primary school, and offices of various organisations. I went there today with a big box of handbills about the Towards Advent Festival, at which the CTS always has a stall and of which, like ACN( see post below) they were co- founders. 

Among the latest CTS publications are some by Auntie but they also publish a number of important books including beautiful editions of the new Roman Missal  (ribbons, white-and-gold binding, the works)  and also YOUCAT, the excellent new Youth Catechism with its Introduction by the Holy Father. They have kindly donated a copy -  beautifully inscribed by a calligrapher at the CTS - to the Catholic Women of the Year Luncheon where it joins various other books as prizes in the raffle.  They are also donating copies for the young winners of this year's Catholic Young Writer Award, which is run jointly by the Catholic Union and the Catholic Writers' Guild (more details on the winners later: the announcement will be made when the new school term begins in Sept).

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