Tuesday, August 28, 2012

A great traditonal...

...family gathering to mark a family birthday. Three generations. A family afternoon with children and noise and fun. A formal dinner with the children tucked up in bed. Next morning, piling into cars for church and then  lunch at an Oxfordshire pub. Morris Men  arrived  - bells, jingles, white hankies, floral hats, pig's bladder, the lot - and there was lots of dancing. Next day on to visit friends in Sussex. Picking blackberries to make gigantic quantities of jam.  Breezy splashy walks along the seashore. Large numbers of children - two crowded tables at meals. Ferocious games of croquet, children militant with mallets.

In lots of ways, summer brings links with past summers, with unchanging summer things. But Auntie, along with everyone else, lives with the great reality of modern Britain and so these forays into family joys are good.

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