Thursday, August 23, 2012


...with the South London Ordinariate  at Precious Blood Church near London Bridge.  An  inspiration  led us to the formation of an Ordinariate women's group, which will meet for the first time in September.  We already have ideas for talks and action, including the making of craft goods for the Ordinariate stall at the Towards Advent Festival, and a project for children involving calligraphy, artwork, and the Psalms. We're interested in exploring the life and work of some of the Anglican women whose work shaped the Christianity of Britain in the 19th and early 20th centuries; people like Florence Nightingale,  Octavia Hill, Mary Sumner. The group is  very enthusiastic.

Extraordinarily, when I got home - late after a very cheery get-together following Evensong and Mass - I found, on checking my emails, an absolutely fascinating one about precisely this concept: starting small with an Ordinariate venture and allowing it to grow and flourish. The writer even mentioned that she had been praying a Rosary "every day until the 23rd" for her own small initiative and by implication others like it.  And this is the 23rd.

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