Thursday, May 06, 2010

On Wednesday evening...

... after Mass at Westminster Cathedral I noticed large crowds going into Archbishop's House where a major event was clearly taking place. It turned out to be a big gathering to launch some fund-raising for the Papal visit.

Increasingly, with the nasty campaigns launched by Richard Dawkins and co, the mood among Catholics is upbeat and united: we want the Pope to come, we want to cheer him and greet him, we are keen to see and hear him, we believe that he has a great message for Britain.


Anonymous said...

I enjoy your blog, and I love your show (Feasts and Seasons)! It is just what we need during these challenging times! Blessings to you.

UKViewer said...


The Papal visit is welcome. He has been invited by the Government and the Queen has approved it.

It is beholden on all citizens to behave appropriately, as they would to respect the visit of any head of state.

Sadly, I do not expect that to happen, but if good will is displayed by those receiving the Pope, I anticipate that it will overwhelm the opposition being expressed by some.