Wednesday, May 12, 2010


Yesterday as we drove home, it seemed from radio reports that Britain would be getting a Labour/Lib Dem government, and there was talk of the new coalition being the "Progressive majority",(vague shades of the sort of language used in eastern Europe in the 1960s)...gloom descended.

We were busy at home,domestic things, letters, phone calls, emails...finally in the dusk I cycled off to see Mother...and when I arrived, she was watching scenes of Buckingham Palace on the TV, and David Cameron wa due to see the Queen, and kiss hands on appointment as a Conservative Prime Minsuer, with a Lib Dem coalition.


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Rubricarius said...

Golly indeed. It was a most exciting day. I came home late afternoon feeling very glum indeed at the prospect of a Lib-Lab deal.

I checked the news, fully expecting to see such an awful prospect fulfilled, and then the evening became progressively more captivating and encouraging. I must admit to cheering outloud - on my own which must be a worrying trait - when Gord announced his resignation.

One suspects there was more than a little forward planning about this... However, I very much hope it works.