Monday, May 24, 2010

In a hot and stikfling London... the CTS office with a great stack of children's essays about the Pope, in the project run by the Assn of Catholic Women - we'll be mailing out prizes in a couple of weeks and I had to sort out arrangements, help design certificates, etc. The CTS is generously providing a range of beautiful prizes: it is a delight to browse their latest catalogue. I am especially pleased by the beautiful new book by Amy Wellborn, with the H. Father's talks to First Communion children...

On to the Westminster diocesan archives office where I met Marcus Grodi, currently in London doing some historical research. It was good to catch up and to swap news and views - his "Journey Home" programme on EWTN is great.

Summer weather brings new fashion note: current young female fad in London seems to be leggings topped with a short smock. This can look rather charming, or not, depending on how plump the wearer is. Defnitely preferable to very tight spaghetti-strap top with lots of bra-strap showing.

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