Sunday, May 16, 2010

Auntie has been... a big South London school to be part of a day dedicated to presenting the Christian vision of love, sex, and relationships - hard work, but well worth while, I think. Many of the young people said this was the first time they had heard the facts and information we were giving.

Then on Saturday to Chelsea, to speak to a delightful group of parents of First Communion children at this thriving and beautiful church which is packed every Sunday and which has good-sized weekday congregations too. Then on to Surrey to join a family team assisting at a house-moving: everyone had rallied round to carry furniture, dismantling and re-assembling beds and bookcases to carry them to the new house, and ferrying books across in wheelbarrows, and so on. Then, with the new home taking shape, a lively session over a takeaway meal, remembering old films and singing their theme tunes, followed by more music until a late hour...

Much talk, of course, about the Election and its aftermath. Auntie's chief pleasure, thus far, in the new Govt is something that she notes that also registered well with others... As the car drew up in Downing Street, bringing the new Prime MInister and his wife from Buckingham Palace, David Cameron got out, and walked round to the other side of the car and opened the door for his wife to alight and then escorted her to the pavement, where he made his speech.

I know, I know. Just Etonian charm and good manners. But noted, and enjoyed - and wouldn't it be nice if it was imitated?

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