Sunday, October 25, 2009

What will the future hold...

... for various Anglican groups? Dunno. I have had some contact in recent years with the Forward in Faith movement, and their magazine, New Directions. It is witty - has often made me laugh aloud - thoughtful, well-informed and often includes some really excellent writing. It has also often revealed much genuine sorrow and anguish over the religious state of Britain, the plight of the C. of E. etc...oh, I do hope large numbers of its writers and readers will take the oars of the boat heading across the Tiber, negotiate the rubbbish in the river, ignore the cross-currents, disregard the blathering and the cries of ohdon'tbotherthereisn'tanypoint, and come on home. There is so much that could be done for the Faith together, so much that needs to be done...


UKViewer said...

Many Anglicans, like myself, will stay where they are, for a number of reasons, mine are that I disagree with much of Catholic Dogma and Doctrine.

For those who move, I wish them well, in the end, we are all working towards the same end, The Glory of God.

andyjourn said...

Joanna, sorry I missed you recently when you visited Australia. Was out of the country.

What do you feel about some of the potential Catholic clergy, and their views on Roman Catholicism?

Juding by some of the talks at this weekend's Forward in Faith Conference in the UK, don't really have a Catholic outlook.

They see the Catholic Church as a safe haven againts the ordination of women and gays, but Catholicism is not just about don'ts it is aobut do's, fundamentally accepting the prerogatives of the Roman Pontiff.

After the decision in 1992 to ordain women in the Church of England, many Anglican clergy converted and even became Catholic priests. Some went back to Anglicanism!

We don't want to see this happening, this time do we?

Regards to you and Jamie.