Thursday, October 08, 2009

What kind of a country...

...has ours become?

You can now be in trouble as a Christian for expressing your views, in a private capacity, to the Comments section of a website. See this case.


Stuart said...

I have put this case on my blog and am surprised at the level and quantity of nasty comments I have received (which have all been deleted).

Christian council worker (Denise Haye, 25, worked at Lewisham Council’s legal services department) sues after being sacked for homophobic email

As some commentators have rightly stated the real issue in this case is that if the Lesbian and Gay “Christian” Movement (LGCM) are truly Christians (don't let me get started on that one as I might slip into a typing frenzy) this should have been an internal christian matter and they shouldn't have run off to secular powers to have their own sister in the Lord sacked, I wonder what Jesus would make of that.

At the end of the day, it is dangerous to hold an orthodox Christian position in this society now!

Clare Krishan said...

Be careful Auntie don't be rash now - I'm not as quick take offense at "in a private capacity" as you are: the lady drew attention to herself by using her employer's email account, which IMHO is public property of the taxpayers, no? I have no bone to pick with a fellow sister in Christ's pastoral concern for sinners but do it on your own tab, not your employers' (that rule would also apply to any proselytizing with public funds here in the USA, and certainly use of private commercial property if an employee had done the same with another religious viewpoint, for example, a Muslim critiquing equality of women using their professional email account paid for by a commercial enterprise. Browsing the web using company resources is a privilege, not a right. Use of employer's property obliges you to follow your employers policies: just because a religion teaches a thing is perverted doesn't infer a liberty to abuse property rights. The liberty we defend is a liberty of conscience, one that honors being civil with other peoples property, right? God Bless