Monday, October 12, 2009

Global warming?

I dunno. But there are beginning to be doubts about the standard orthodoxy on the subject. Read here.


wayne kerr said...

Hi Joanna,You seem to find the truth as always.Global warming is nonsence, It,s just another way to tax us or fine us. Think of the smog of Victorian London we are all here.I find it sad that we are all lied too, we are Taxed beyond believe.An example is our cars, a high tax on fuel,high road tax then parking fine, then wheel clamping, where does it all end. In the Goverments coffer to pay their expences.I won,t go on. I would rather you could let everyone know of a wonderful site called "praying each day" do google it. One of my pleasure each day is to read you honest and sometime frank views.
Thank you Auntie J.

Malcolm McLean said...

I don't know either. The temperature data collected continuously from the 17th century, the Central England temperature record, shows a marked upward curve towards the end of the twentieth century, but the trend has been up since the record began. (I helped a girl with a project on volcanoes and weather patterns).
However the medieval period seems to have been warm. Looking on the web, the arguments over this seem to have been hashed to death. As an historian, you might be able to dig out a few anecdotes that indicate how summers were longer and winters milder.

Angel said...

May I remind you that it is a sin to pollute the environment. Pope Benedict has spoken.

johnf said...

Of course it is wrong to pollute the environment.

I support all the initiatives to reduce waste and to reduce energy consumption. This is sensible.

That said, geology tells us that the earth is currently in an interglacial period. In 1980 the received wisdom (from the BBC of course) was that we were in danger of entering a new ice age.

So when I hear about insane proposals to shoot millions of tiny mirrors into orbit around the earth to deflect the sun's rays...That sort of experiment would be irreversible and could precipitate a permanent ice age.

But the alarmists are now saying we have only 5 years to save the planet. They remind me of the ones who were hysterical about the millenium bug, where the change to 1 Jan 2000 was going to crash computers, make nuclear reactors go critical and aeroplanes were to fall out of the sky...