Friday, October 23, 2009

Our poor country... in a mess. Of course we need a new government - anyone with sense can see that. But this won't alter the misery of so many of our young who have been robbed of normal family life, the vulgarity and crudity that hallmarks our culture, the sneering at spiritual and moral values.

Signs of hope?

The news of the Catholic/Anglican plan from Rome is good, tho' there will be attempts to wreck it (why doesn't The Times get its act together and stop trying to play 19th century politics with religion? The headline about Vatican tanks on the Anglican lawn was comically bad, worthy of a Private Eye spoof).

The Tories seem to be connecting - at last - with the reality that violence, social unrest, and youth alienation is connected with the undermining of marriage and the removal of family structures. They might just get on and do something about this when in office.

People haven't entirely lost their sense of humour, and it's a healthy sign when people joke about things like the Royal Mail strike, the ghastly BNP, and the grisly business of MPs' expenses...


David Lindsay said...

Here in North-West Durham, we have the old Irish Catholic stronghold of Consett. We have the remarkable Recusant Village of Esh. We have Ushaw College. The great Passionist Monastery at Minsteracres is just outside, so that Consett is its postal town.

And we have a traditionally dominant local Labour Party which had effectively collapsed even before the almost unspeakably resented imposition of an all-women shortlist, killing off any possibility of a local successor to Hilary Armstrong, Tony Blair’s erstwhile Chief Whip. But guaranteeing a successor who is in favour of abortion on demand up to and including partial birth.

Not that it bothers me. It has long been my intention to contest this seat as an Independent.

I am pro-life, pro-family, pro-worker and anti-war. An orthodox Catholic who is therefore totally committed to Catholic Social Teaching, to Distributism, to the Catholic interest in public service provision, to the Catholic interest in foreign policy, and to the Christian heritage of this and other countries.

All assistance, including coverage, greatly appreciated.

Malcolm McLean said...

Your book on the Cure d'Ars has finally landed through my letterbox.

I think that a big mistake we make is to think that, in a period of moral laxity like the present, moral rigour is our friend. That isn't true. If the Tories react to the phenomenon of single teenager mothers in council flats by adopting a punitive approach, that is simply an entirely secular reaction. Quite soon we'll find that we go from from extreme to extreme.