Monday, September 15, 2008

This island...

(see below, previous post) has faint echoes of the England of my childhood...skinny-legged eager children running about on beaches, solitary men fishing, real pubs, boats, people being friendly on buses. Church yesterday evening was well-attended. There are tea-shops. Holiday brochures from the summer advertise walks and treasure-hunts and competitions.

Today's papers bring news of a dreary Govt initiative - I'm not making this up: British Day, an official public holiday on which we celebrate being British. After years of telling us we must be multi-cultural, teaching children a muddled version of our history - or practically none at all - sneering at our Christian traditions, attempting to crush our moral values, and remake the fabric of our everyday lives in things as fundamental as male/female marriage and begetting of the Socialists really think they can invent a British Day and make us celebrate the version of things they have left? Probably they don't think they's just a squelch from the last-ditch efforts of this hoples Govt and would be mildly funny if it wasn't so insulting.


Anonymous said...

I, here in the USA, feel the same sense of bemusement and sadness. I feel it especially when Thanksgiving draws near, and I re-read the writings of the Pilgrims, and see how far afield we, as a culture, have drifted.
We, as a society, pay homage to them, but mock the people they were.

Ann Margaret Lewis said...

Absolutely amazing. What do they expect everyone to do, have some fish n' chips, a pint of bitter and sing God Save the Queen?

Ah, England, how I do weep for thee. Queen Victoria is rolling in her grave.

.The Cellarer said...

The idea has not recieved a warm welcome up here even from a 'son of the manse'

Lucille said...

I'm glad America has drifted from the Puritans - the real ones, that is, not as they have been mythologized.

Anonymous said...

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Anonymous said...

I would love to hear more of the Brits' take on the Puritans. . .who they were, their place in history from a different (non-USA) perspective.