Tuesday, September 30, 2008

In an 18th-century folly...

...in the grounds of my old school, I was giving a lecture on Friday evening. The Carshalton Water Tower Trust cares for this superb building, which is available for local events and celebrations, and commands an enchanting view of Carshalton House, the grounds, and what is now called The hermitage (we called it The Grotto, and were slightly scared of the big statue of St Joseph there).

It was fun giving a talk on "Britain's traditional feasts and seasons" in agreeable company in this setting. I stood on the very spot where I had begun my education at the age of four - the building was then used as the kindergarten of St Philomena's junior school...

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Anonymous said...

Dear Joanna

The Friends and I wish to thank you very much indeed for the talk you gave on feasts and festivals in the Water Tower, Carshalton on Friday evening. It was extremely informative and truly most interesting.
Your book on the subject is a most excellent read.
Thank you.

Jean Knight, Chairman of the Friends.