Monday, May 26, 2008


...while rain hurtled down, I wrote two features for different newspapers, then another for a web-page. Went to Mother's in the rain, and out for a pizza with her , had a game of Scrabble (she won), cycled home in rain, worked on a scheme for a TV programme, dealt with some domestic trivia, looked around the Internet for a few luxurious minutes and vastly enjoyed this Blog, and this one, both of which I intend to read more regularly in future.


Archbishop Cranmer said...

Humbled and honoured.

May His Grace quote you?


Just another mad Catholic said...

No offense Anuntie Jo, but a cursuory glance at Crammers archive will reveal that he's almost as Anti-Catholic as Jack Chick, I'd advise Caution.

Archbishop Cranmer said...

Mr Jack,

His Grace is no such thing, but you would not be the first to misrepresent him in this regard, and shall doubtless not be the last.

His Grace happens to believe that those religions - all of them - which enter into the realms of the political should not be immune from political criticism. And if, as you assert, His Grace is 'anti-Catholic', could you please explain his evident admiration for the present pope?

Archbishop Cranmer said...

Mr Jack,

While you are considering your erudite response to that, perhaps you would also explain His Grace's longstanding support for Catholic education; his fervent opposition to liberal secularism and all that may be described as dilute or Tabletesque; his profound concerns over the enforced closure of Catholic adoption agencies; his praise of those brave princes of the Church who have dared to confront this corrupt, amoral and profoundly anti-Christian government; his fullest and wholehearted support for a reduction in the limit for abortion; his perpetual admiration for Pope Benedict's clarity on orthodoxy and precise exposition of the immutable truths of the Christian faith in the face of Islamism; the unconditional support given to Damian Thompson when a 'plot' was revealed to remove him from The Telegraph; his concern for appalling atrocities being endured by the persecuted believers in Israel and Iraq; and of all those faithful Catholic laity and priests who bring enlightenment to the religio-political discussions and praise his blog so highly.

This is a curious 'anti-Catholic' indeed.

Or perhaps 'anti-Catholic' to you simply means someone with whom you personally happen to disagree on a few peripheral matters. Or one who dares to present an occasional question to the Magisterium.