Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Classic FM...

...has been running an advertisment for a CD of Gregorian chant, emphasising its calming and inspirational qualities....but why not come along and try it for yourself? On Saturday July 5th at St Joseph's, New Malden, there is to be a Gregorian Chant Workshop, led by Fr Gerard Bradley of St John's Seminary, Wonersh. Book the date now, and tell others, too.

Many parishes now - including St Joseph's - have Masses with some Latin, and a chance to sing Gregorian chant in the setting of the Mass, which is the setting for which it was although it's OK to listen to it on CD, it's much, much more satisfying to have it as part of one's life. Sunday by Sunday - and all for free!

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Phil said...

At last! This is what the lay faithful have needed for a long time. There are some wonderful choirs around that can sing chant to a very high standard; but, if we are to replace the "Gathering Mass" with "Orbis factor", then a little education will go a long way.