Saturday, May 10, 2008

Golly... things can grow. Today, a wonderful ceremony to present the Young Writer Awards run by Tamezin magazine. I remember when Tamezin was just getting started, years ago, with a team of people committed to the idea that it simply had to be possible to create a magazine for teenage girls that was a real alternative to the semi-pornographic drivel currently dumped on them...and now, here we are, crowding into a large room in one of London's smartest hotels for a ceremony honouring the latest project associated with this fast-growing magazine, the latest issue on every chair all glossy and enjoyable...

My involvement, as regular readers of this Blog will know, is visiting schools and running Journalism Workshops there, which is terrific fun and brings in new contributors/readers/enthusiasm/support for Tamezin. If you know of a teenager who deserves a magazine she can really enjoy, get on to that Tamezin website and rush her a subscription today.

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