Wednesday, May 28, 2008

I was working all day... the offices of the CTS in Vauxhall. Staggered there with literally hundreds of children's essays in a big backback, to join with the hundreds already there...all part of the big Religious Education Project run jointly by the Catholic Truth Society and the Association of Catholic Women.

The children had written about some of Christ's miracles in the New Testament. Top prizewinners get cash for their schools, and book prizes for themselves, and a large number of runners-up get copies of the new Compendium of the Catholic Catechism.

My task today was to inscribe certificates (400 in all, got about half completed today), and several dozen bookplates (name, school, and "Presented by the Association of Catholic Women..." etc etc) and write and sign several dozen letters, and pack all these into jiffy bags and address them to the schools...a steady great pile of them grew in the corner of the room and spread out across the floor as I worked.

The CTS is a good place to work. At 12 noon some one looked in and asked if I'd like to join in the Angelus - we all gathered in front of an icon, and said the prayer, and prayed for the Holy Father, and the Bishops, and the patrons and benefactors of the CTS...atmosphere in the office is cheerful and friendly. It's all v. modern with computers etc, but has a heritage going back to the 19th century, when booklets were published at a penny each...

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