Tuesday, July 05, 2016

This week...

...a team of judges meets to read all the entries for the 2016 Schools Bible Project.    The Project has been running for over 25 years: in 2014 we held a great Jubilee Thanksgiving Service at St Margaret's, Westminster.

Every secondary school in Britain is invited to take part. Pupils are invited to imagine themselves present at one of the great events in the life of Christ (the miracle at Cana, the Feeding of the Five Thoiusand, the healing of Jairus' daughter, the Last Supper...) and to write about it as if as an eye-witness. We get some superb essays. The main winners come to London to recieve their prizes from one of our Trustrees, Baroness Cox. Schools across Britain receive various runner-up prizes. It is all sponsored by an ecumenical group, bringing together representatives from mainstream Christian denominations in Britain.

The judging starts with a full day iu n which the team reads every essay. When the final group of possible main winners has been selected, a second round of judging takes place.By the end of the whole process, we have half a dozen main winners, and a great number of runners-up. A great team of volunteers meets at the end of August to pack and post prizes to schools, ready for presentation during the Autumn term.

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