Wednesday, July 06, 2016

If the cowardly...

...anonymous person who sent the inane Comment to this blog will write, apologising for his/her rudeness, and giving his/her name and an email or other form of address, I might reply to the rather silly point he/she raised.concerning the thanksgiving service for the Schools Bible Project.

It is possible that some readers are unaware of the rule that civilised people have about anonymous letters and what should be done with them. For the record, it's roughly this: except in very unusual circumstances, they should be thrown away immediately.

Anonymous comments are in general only published on this blog if accompanied by a separate message (which will not be published) offering identity and requesting anonymity. It's quite understood that people don't want their names spread over the internet. Standard procedure  has been developed over many years of journalism: letter published with "Name and address supplied". Get used to it.

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