Tuesday, July 19, 2016

London, in sizzling heat...

...but the river cool and surging and  there was a blessed refreshing breeze as we walked across Tower Bridge and talked history...and pondered Arthur and the Grail, and  Saxons and Vikings and Augustine coming to Kent,..

A wonderful day spent with Bishop Timothy Senior and Father Christopher Ward of Philadelphia.  We met the Tower of London - for all sorts of obvious reasons a poignant place for Catholics to meet - and went to Tower Hill and knelt to pray at the site of More and Fisher's martyrdom...then on to All- Hallows-by-the-Tower  which is rich in history and a place of serenity on that noisy corner where the traffic roars into the city...and then crossed the river and lunched at Hays Wharf. And then on to Parliament where they were to meet Sir Edward Leigh's team and be shown Westminster Hall and  so on, and then to Westminster Cathedral to concelebrate Mass.

It was so good to hear about the Church in Philadelphia, and the seminary there, and the promise it all holds.

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