Friday, July 26, 2013


...means feasting and partying every evening, and so our big local supermarket has a large section devoted to Ramadam foods.

Posters on London buses  and at Tube stations by a Moslem organisation promote projects to be supported by Ramadam funds and urge the faithful to give.

Some local authorities are  supporting Ramadam and there is much officialdom in the form of memos and formal advice on how the rest of us must behave towards Moslems during this time.

I await with interest the memos from officialdom inviting respect and care for Christians during next Lent and Holy Week.

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Anonymous said...

I was at Mass in Sussex last Sunday. A pastoral letter from Bishop Kieran was read out reminding us, among other things, that Ramadan had started. Also warned us to beward of media bias when reading about Islam. Unfortunate timing perhaps given the news coming out of Nigeria and Syria just now.