Saturday, July 13, 2013

...and here in Britain...

... Parliament has gone ahead with enforcing the pretence that two men can marry, and we will find that anyone who wants to assert the truth about marriage will face all sorts of problems ranging from loss of a job to public humiliation and official reprimands. Thus will teachers, magistrates, clerical workers in everyday office jobs, trades union members, doctors and nurses, social workers, school governors, local borough councillors and all sorts of other people be nagged and harried and bullied into pretending to agree to the lie.

Things are going to be very dreary and horrid in the Britain of the immediate future.

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Malcolm said...

Yes, two bits of bad news in one day.

But they're only tactical defeats. The gay marriage nonsense is almost certainly the death throes of the "rights" Western liberal consumer ethic. It argues itself into a extreme position dictated by its own logic and collapses. Whilst persecutions of Christians who don't accept the redefinition of the term "marriage" is a worry, my real concern is almost the opposite. I think the public will reject this, and in turn everything on which the liberals were right.

On abortion, the tide has turned in America. Ireland's always a little bit behind, getting into the infamous 20th century whilst the rest of the world is busy tooling up for the 21st.