Monday, July 22, 2013

Dorset: cool lawns in shimmering heat...

...on Saturday, and a FAITH Family day organised by local members of the FAITH Movement. Father Dylan James  of Shaftesbury gave an excellent presentation on the central importance of the family, its spiritual significance, the rights of parents, the beauty of it all.

Auntie spoke about celebrating feasts and seasons, with info on all sorts of things like pub signs and nursery rhymes and the origins of old sayings and so on.

The venue was excellent: a school set in the most beautiful grounds, with a lovely chapel.  Children spent a happy time rolling down the sloping lawn.  Sheep baaah-ed in a neighbouring field. A big picnic lunch brought us all together on a pleasant terrace. It was a wonderful day, and later the organisers took me back to their home for a cheery family supper - much talk and laughter in the cool evening in a garden scented with roses and with raspberries ripening on bushes and a plum tree laden with green fruit promising a purple harvest.

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