Friday, May 17, 2013

To the Walworth Road...

... to a baker's shop, recommended by a friend, to order a cake.  I have always rather liked this corner of London, a step or two from the Elephant and Castle. It still has proper shops - real and some of them messy, all sorts of shops and  not just Starbucks and estate agents.  And this was a real baker, inexpensive and with some yummy cakes on display. After we had arranged about the cake  - it's gotta be big, there are quite a lot of people coming - I bought a lovely warm pasty and hurried off to catch the bus. I know one shouldn't eat in the street. But sitting on a cold morning at a bus-stop  in the Walworth Road eating a delicious wedge of flaky-pastry at a bus-stop and remembering how I used to travel along this road with my father, more than thirty years ago, on our way to work, was one of those happy moments that just deserve to be relished and recorded.

En route to the Borough High Street, a girl on the bus was talking loudly into her mobile: "Yeah...bring them all along: we want theatre, and some street-dancers...yes, sounds great....mmm....yeah we want Shamans and Druids,'ll be wicked".  I don't know what she was organising, but I got the impression that she very much wanted us all to hear.  So now you know: to make a thing a success you want witch doctors and bogus druids and a general air of something satanic.

There is an ache in the heart in modern London.

Spent the day cheerily at Pr. Blood church, wrapping prizes won by children across London in a big project involving learning about the Psalms. We will be displaying some of the children's beautiful work...  Also tackled some writing for my Maryvale diploma in Evangelisation. Then Evensong and Mass, and a cheery time over glasses of wine and hot sausages. Thank God for being part of the Church....

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