Wednesday, May 22, 2013

A talkative day...

...and, yes, I know, most days with Auntie are likely to be talkative.  But today, we were judging the finalists for the Assn of Catholic Women Schools RE Project, so reading aloud the children's essays and sorting out which should be the final winners in the two different age groups.

The children were asked to imagine going through the door of a church, and learning about three things, three stages in a journey of faith: the font where people are baptised, the Sacrament of Reconciliation with the forgiveness of sins, and Holy Communion. There were specific questions that they had to answer.  One was about which day of the week is the one on which we should all go to Mass, the special day. Most of course get it right about Sunday - several mentioning that God rested on the Sabbath day, etc etc.  Some wondered if the special day might be Thursday, because of the Last Supper being on a Thursday. Which  actually  shows some quite good thinking....

They were also asked what they should do immediately after receiving Holy Communion, and again most got it right with something along the lines of "I return to my place and kneel and say some prayers". Some listed specific things about which they pray: "I pray for my Mum and Dad, and ask God to say Hello to my Nan in Heaven."

On Confession, some too much information: "I tell the priest my sins, things like fighting with my brother - but he started it..."    "God forgives us and we should forgive others, like I forgave Rita even though she was mean to me first".

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