Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Things are going to be difficult...

...for Christians in Britain, as in other countries in what we used to call "the West", over the next years.

For some while now, it's become fashionable among Catholics to talk about "the coming persecution". Too often the approach is  approach is a slightly smug  "'ll be good for us..." and even to add a note of relish.

Hmmm.  Persecution isn't fun, and talking tough doesn't mean that you will be tough when the time comes.  Gloating and oooh-golly-I'm-ready-for-a-fight  isn't a useful approach.  Better to be downbeat and realistic, add some humour, and lots of prayer, and keep going.

Plenty of nastiness coming our way. Attempt to impose forms of euthanasia under the nasty idea of "assisted dying" - this won't win a majority of votes in the House of Lords when it is brought forward in the next couple of days, but at this stage the aim of its supporters is simply to gain publicity and promote their message, and this will be very successful.

Then of course the ghastly plans to redefine marriage. Ugh: and the government is doing all it can to force this horrible thing through a Parliament that doesn't want it. Pray - and write again to your MP.

And, on the back of the govt's horrible planned law, great waves of propaganda promoting homosexual lifestyles  now being sent to schools, with everyone assuming that this it is compulsory to teach this stuff. It isn't. Schools have no obligation to promote homosexual activity, and Catholic schools have an absolute right to give the Catholic Church's teaching on this subject.

We are all going to need courage and be quite clear: "As for me and my house, we will serve the Lord".


Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more, Joanna. We need to live our Faith. We need to be counted and recognised as Christians.We need to take courage.

Manny said...

I am certainly downbeat about the future prospects of Christianity in the west. It's not only the difficulties we will face, that we handle with a stiff upper lip and a Hail Mary under our breaths, but it's the degradation of society at large and the falling of western culture that most concerns me. It will be a historical tragedy.