Wednesday, May 01, 2013

To Cavendish Square... eat sandwiches in the sunshine w. sister-in-law, prior to a little shopping expedition.

Expedition initiated by said sister-in-law: "Joanna, what are you going to wear for this being-made-a-Dame thing?"  Faint note of dread that Auntie will turn up in favourite comfy shoes and unmatching will-this-do skirt n top.

For all previous special occasions, Auntie has been dressed by sister, sister-in-law, or, on one occasion, a niece. Grateful thanks to all. It's now become a tradition...

Cavendish Square is a pleasant bit of greenery off Oxford St, marred only by an equestrian statue which looks quite agreeable until you discover that it is of Butcher Cumberland. Grrrrh. It was removed in the 19th century because he was so loathed, then finally put back. Ugh.

Shopping. Shoes: nice ones, not expensive,  and surprisingly comfortable. DRESS: and will match v. suitable hat


Anonymous said...

When is the ceremony? Will you please post pics? So happy and thrilled for you.


Anonymous said...

Your comments re the statue of Butcher Cumberland remind me of my shock when I first saw Cromwell's statue outside the Palace of Westminster. Cromwell, the man who sent Parliament packing!

By the way, congratulations on your elevation.

Big Sis said...

No! Suitable hat is not good. Your hat must be a remarkable one, you are a Dame for goodness sake! I really should be there to oversee this outfit. Suitable is a terrible word!

Anonymous said...

Whatever the final dress result, enjoy the day and congratualtions.

Anonymous said...

I think equestrian dames wear a mantilla....unless this a simply the presentation of the gong and is non-'uniform'?

Belonging to a diocese where not a single papal honour has been recommended/awarded/bestowed on clergy or laity since a few years before the end of last century, perhaps things have changed!

Whatever the occasion is, well done, richly deserved, and I hope you have wonderful time.

Pearl of Tyburn said...

Just as a little "Butcher Cumberland" tid-bit.....

To his credit, he did enable Fr. Alban Butler of "Lives of the Saints" fame to return to Britain from his exile in France. This was mainly because Fr. Butler was so considerate of the English prisoners-of-war that fell into his care during the War of Austrian Succession.

As for Cromwell, he was indeed not one of England's brightest stars, having brutally persecuted Catholics, wiped out half the population of Ireland, made himself military dictator, and outlawed Christmas!

That having been said, some other things he did had very good future results. His initial fight to reopen Parliament (even though he personally shut it down later!)had a lasting impact on the British system of government, and the Roundhead legacy really impacted the culture we know today.

So I guess having Cromwell's statue outside Westminster is just another one of those historical paradoxes that Britain is replete with. The long list includes the fact that the First Prime Minister, Robert Walpole, was a corrupt crook, the Order of the Garter started out with a naughty joke between King Edward III and his mistress, etc.

In essence, God can work lowsy people and their actions to good down the road! Unfortunately, we're bound up with the crumb-buns as part of the human/national heritage. Keeps us humble, anyway ;-)


P.S. I can't wait to hear about your knighting ceremony, Auntie Joanna! Please post some pictures for your loyal readers after the event!

Joanna Bogle said...

Yes, I understand that an official ceremonial costume can be worn in due course. For the installation, it seems that "best dress" is the general idea.

Rich Leonardi said...

Congratulations, Dame Joanna! I learned the news on Fr. Finigan's blog. How wonderful.