Tuesday, March 15, 2011


...on an essay about St Paul and Christian moral teaching.

Busy with arrangements for the Day of Art and Music at the Maryvale Institute, Birmingham on March 30th, sponsored by the Association of Catholic Women. All teachers are invited. Contact Maryvale for details...

Next Catholic History Walk is on Thursday April 14th, meet at 6.30pm on the steps of Westminster Cathedral. All welcome. No need to book, just turn up.

I'm reading a lot at the moment about John Paul II: what a great man, and a great Pope who gave the Papacy a fresh zest and sense of authority for this new millenium. And yet always very simple in his liturgical style, and in his personal tastes. Somehow this spoke to people - they could see that he wanted to teach about God, to focus on God, to open up people's hearts, including his own, to God.


EuropeanCatholic said...

I re-read recently Gift And Mystery together with Memory & Identity.

My favourite of his is still Salvifici Doloris.

He was definitely Pope John Paul The Great.

Dawn said...

(Sorry Joanna, I dont mean to have this off topic of your thread, but I dont know where else to turn)

I need some help from our UK brothers or sisters here. I am aware of someone in the UK ...Not sure exactly sure where in the UK yet...who is interested in the Church and is coming from a Mormon background. Their first experience at a UK Catholic parish wasnt the best. Are there links of parishes that I can send them? I have advised them to look for an RCIA group.

I, too, come from a Mormon background so I have an idea of what this man is up against. The more information I can give them, or direction of where to go, would be very helpful.

Thanks so much