Monday, March 14, 2011

Tradition..., glorious music, and a sense of history, at Westminster Cathedral as the new Papal Nuncio was welcomed at a magnificent Mass. I happened to be meeting a friend for a drink this evening, and had arranged to do so on the Cathedral steps, hadn't known there was anything special happening. But then some one told me there was to be the Mass for the Nuncio at 5pm, so I arrived early and went in. The choir sang a beautiful Introit and Gradual (Protector noster aspice Deus....), and Offertory Motet, and Byrd's Ave Verum at Communion... A rather grand letter was read out formally announcing the Nuncio's appointment, and then later Archbishop Nichols introduced him and then he addressed was all rather splendid, with the Nuncio speaking of his presenting his letters of credence to the Queen,and Her Majesty having recalled with recent visit of His Holiness with great pleasure etc a sometimes bleak and ugly modern Britain it was delightful to have this reminder of traditional diplomatic formalities and to enjoy it all...

Afterwards a long delightful talk with a friend, a real joy.

While on the subject of church music, The Music Makers has a new CD, dedicated to Our Lady of Walsingham...


Jackie Parkes MJ said...

Hi Joanna..good to hear about your mother..thanks for uplifting posts..can you ask your nephew to update my blog to my new one please? God bless..Jackie

Brian Jenner said...

Dear Auntie Joanna, can we get you along to this?

We do, do God’ – How Do People in Public Life Communicate Faith?

Faith colours politics and cultural identity, influencing the way we understand the world.

On Friday 8 April, 2011, from 9.30-4.30pm, Bournemouth Media School, in conjunction with the UK Speechwriters’ Guild, is hosting a one-day conference focusing on how faith is reported in the media.

This conference is a rare opportunity for politicians, religious leaders and journalists to come together to discuss their work.

Speakers will look at ways in which spiritual ideas are communicated, reflecting on how best to present faith, so as to avoid misunderstanding. Topics will include how faith-based organisations handle the media and differences in how religion and politics are presented in Britain compared to other countries.

The speakers include Alan Wilson, Bishop of Buckingham, Rabbi Jonathan Romain, Mona Siddiqui, Professor of Islamic Studies and Public Understanding and regular on Thought for the Day, Ruth Gledhill, Religious Affairs Correspondent, The Times, Conor Burns MP, Paul Johns, Director of the College of Preachers, Simon Cohen, Global Tolerance, Professor Max Atkinson, a public speaking expert, Tony Lobl, a Christian Scientist, Professor Ian Linden, Director of Policy, Tony Blair Faith Foundation and Shaun Hayes, Member of the Order of Bards Ovates and Druids.

Whether it’s Tony Blair’s defence of faith, or Baroness Warsi’s comments on anti-Muslim prejudice, religion remains an emotive subject which is much misunderstood. This conference is an opportunity to become better informed about the interplay of politics, religion and the media.

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